Clinical Specialties

Adult and Pediatric Spine and Brain Surgery

Spine Surgery

  • Instrumentation / Fusion of Cervical , Thoracic and Lumbar Spine, including Cranio-cervical Junction
  • Decompression / Laminectomy of the Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Spine
  • Microdiscectomy of Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine 
  • Artificial Disc Surgery for Cervical Spine
  • Spinal Tumor surgery
  • Trauma
  • Compression Fractures of the Spine
    • Vertebroplasty
    • Kyphoplasty
  • Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

Brain Surgery

Pediatric Neurosurgery

  • Comprehensive Brain & Spine

Spasticity Management

  • Infusion Pump Implantation (Baclofen)
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

Vagal Nerve Stimulator Implants

  • Seizures / Depression

Peripheral Nerve

  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Ulnar Neuropathy
  • Peripheral Nerve

Hyperhidrosis (surgery for excessive sweating)